Thursday, May 3, 2012

What Will Happen??

The other day I was driving Ahnika home from school. We saw an elderly gentleman walking down the street carrying something that looked heavy. Here sit he conversation that followed....
A: Mom.... are some old people strong?
M: Umm? (see the man carrying the heavy looking item) Yeah.. some old people are strong. Great Grandma isn't very strong though because she is pretty old and her bones are weak. She has been alive for almost 95 years and a lot of people don't live as long as she has. When you get really old like that, you become weak.
A: Mom.. will great grandma die at our house?
M: Yes. She probably will.
A: What will happen!!
M: Well... we will call the police and ambulance and they will come and take away her body. But don't worry, it's just her body.
A: (Horrified) You mean they are going to take away her body and leave her HEAD?????

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